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Kruiskyk TV

Kruiskyk TV is the first Afrikaans Christian Broadcasting channel to see South African satellite TV and has been aired for more than a decade.

Not only has Dr Strydom been a personal friend and ministry partner during the past twenty years, but he has also impacted the lives of various ministers, congregations and individuals through his mentoring and leadership abilities.

It will be beneficial for organisations and individuals to partake in training presented by Dr Strydom and the IFIL Team in order to further equip themselves in their respective areas.

Kruiskyk TV

Dr Tumi

Good news to see an accredited bible college. Encourage all those who are looking to get trained in the word to consider this institution. As the scripture says, Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. I’m standing behind this initiative.

Dr Tumi

CD Engelbrecht

I have been in the fortunate position of being part of this ministry for over 20 years.  This has afforded me the privilege of seeing how this ministry has grown, from its inception, through the good, the bad and the ugly times.  Throughout this journey, the only constant has been God’s faithfulness which has allowed us to witness mass crusades, numerous church plants and exposure to extensive training material offered through a variety of institutions.

In short, the Lion & Lamb course curriculum offered through IFIL is a synopsis of the journey thus far.  In life, one is afforded two ways of gaining wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  The first is through trial and error whilst the second is through mentorship or rather, learning from the experiences of others.  The Lion & Lamb curriculum offers the latter path in this regard.

The ethos of the Lion & Lamb curriculum is built on the same principles that Jesus applied in His own ministry whilst on the earth.  Jesus’ primary focus was always on the individual, making a point of calling the willing, rather than the qualified to action.  The focus of His ministry was to show that God desired a relationship rather than a religion, that the prerequisite to being used by God was decided by what was in the heart, not head of a person, making the religious leaders of the day His greatest critics and ultimately His murderers.

This course is designed to relate to anyone, regardless of where you find yourself intellectually or spiritually.  As with Jesus, the only qualification is a willingness to serve.  History has shown that this attribute, when placed in God’s hand, changed the world as we know it, as demonstrated through the lives of Paul and the 12 apostles.

In closing, it should be mentioned that the greatness of any structure will always be limited by its foundation, which remains unseen throughout.  Lion & Lamb’s purpose is to give you a foundation upon which to build.  The content is practical, life-applicable and purposed to establish you in God’s present truth.  We invite you to become part of our journey, discover your destiny and ultimately change your world to the Glory of God.

CD Engelbrecht
CA(SA), CIMA, CFAII, B.Min (Cum Laude)

Apostle Jacobus Brouwers

For more than 10 years I was training Pastors and Leaders at our local Bible School. I then decided to stop and close our Bible School because of two great concerns. Number one, I felt the material was not relevant, theologically too deep and was not really contributing to the development of the whole person. The goal was not to raise theologians but a people who love God, love His Word and love His people. Secondly and also very importantly was the fact that the courses were not accredited. There was no prospect of how students could further their studies if they wish too. After all these years now I will again be involve in a Bible College .Thanks to IFIL I can now be part of a relevant, life changing, present truth and just awesome curriculum! The great part ofcourse is that it is fully accredited. There are so many programs out there but sadly they are not accredited. IFIL I believe is about to change the landscape of Bible College training in South Africa .This program comes highly recommended!

Apostle Jacobus Brouwers
General overseer of Jubilee Churches
B.A Theology. BMin.Certificate In Coaching

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