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Year One:

Module 1:
Assurance of Salvation

A personal relationship with God, the foundation of everything else. Removing fear, altering focus from the flesh to the cross, activating boldness!

Module 2:
Kingdom Identity

Seeing what God sees when He looks at you.  If we know who and Who’s we are, we will know what we possess and what we can accomplish much in God’s Kingdom!

Module 3:
Soul Winning

Understanding God’s heart for a lost world.  Eternity is too long to gamble with. Get equipped. Learn how to effectively lead people to Jesus.

Module 4:

Authority can only be exercised to the extent it is submitted to.  Jesus was completely submitted to the will of the Father which enabled Him to have absolute authority.  When the Centurion ruler explained to Jesus how he is in and under authority, Jesus concluded and interpreted his understanding of authority as GREAT FAITH!

Module 5:
Kingdom Finances

The golden rule is, whoever has the gold, makes the rules. Let’s learn how to do it God’s way!

Module 6:
Faith and Prayer

The act of prayer is good. The spirit of prayer is better. This module will cultivate just that!

Module 7:
Foundations of Faith

Why we believe what we believe.

Module 8:
Relationships and People Skills

Seven spheres of society amalgamated form culture. The common denominator of all these seven spheres is, People. The kingdom of God on the earth is not a subculture but should rise to its rightful place and become the dominant culture. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Module 9:

God only criticised one segment of His own creation by saying: “It is not good for man to be alone,” or then, to be all one!

 “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Ps. 122:1) 

If we want to go places in the Kingdom, our mindset must change from a me word to an us word. The disease of me always has the same inevitable result: ‘The Defeat of us!’ One is to small a number to achieve greatness. There is a certain level of war that you cannot fight by yourself, and a certain level of victory you simply cannot celebrate on your own! The question is not whether I can do everything by myself, it is how soon am I going to realise that I can’t!

Year Two:

Module 10:
Analysis of Personality and Character

This module will assist you in understanding who you deal with and why people react in certain ways. It will also assist leaders in successfully compiling teams. Furthermore, we will learn how to get to know ourselves better.

Module 11:

When you discover your Root, it will be easy to bear fruit. This module help people not to preach good news whilst being bad news. Once we bear the fruit of our regenerated spirit, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will operate and function freely through us.

Module 12:
Kingdom Dominion

The first time Jesus came to the earth to become like us, the second time He is coming back because we became like Him. This module will assist you in seeing the Kingdom come.

Module 13:
Holistic Church Growth 1

In this Module you will be taught key elements of growing a local household of faith to its maximum capacity. You will grasp the paradoxical truth that smaller will result into bigger.

Module 14:
Holistic Church Growth 2

In this Module you will once again be taught key elements of growing a local household of faith to its maximum capacity. In this module you will discover the single most important element for growing a local household of faith.

Module 15:
Holistic Church Growth 3

In this Module you will once again be taught key elements of growing a local household of faith to its maximum capacity. In this module you will discover how to make visitors guests and how to make guests family. You will be taught on how to be relevant to your generation and how to see the church advance from being a sub-culture to becoming the dominant Kingdom culture that it should be.

Module 16:
Heart Of Worship

The law of first mention teaches us that worship is strongly connected to sacrifice. Once you partake of this revelation you will hear the voice of God clearer and be able to alter and change atmospheres.

Module 17:
Godly Family

This module deals mostly with legal matters and implications while ministering to children, these matters are mostly unknown to church leaders.


Module 18:
Minister’s Empowerment

This module is intensely focused on assisting full time ministers of the Gospel cope and survive crises inevitably arising from ministry. This course will also be the qualifying factor of continuing studies to a degree level that is presently being finalised between IFIL and the relevant accreditation authorities. There is also Homiletical training included in this particular module. 

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